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Redirect Re`di*rect" (r?`d?*r?kt"), a. (Law) Applied to the examination of a witness, by the party calling him, after the cross-examination.

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- redirect may refer to: redirection (computing), a capability of command-line interpreters. redirect examination , in law. url redirection ,
- url redirection, also called url forwarding, is a world wide web technique for making a web page available under more than one url
- in computing , redirection is a function common to most command-line interpreter s, including the various unix shell s that can redirect
- redirect examination is the trial process by which the party who offered the witness has a chance to explain or otherwise qualify any
- a server side redirect is a method of url redirection using an http status code (e.g., other and 307 temporary redirect) issued by a web
- redirect wikipedia:redirect#redirects that replace previous articles to project , to section , from shortcut
- post/redirect/get (prg) is a web development design pattern that prevents some duplicate form submissions, creating a more intuitive
- ibm inotes web access redirect (formerly domino web mail redirect) is a part of the lotus domino server suite allowing instant redirection
- an isp redirect page is a spoof page served by major isps including: cox communications , embarq , verizon , rogers , earthlink , and
- redirect: redirect requests data packets be sent on an alternative route. icmp redirect is a mechanism for routers to convey routing

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