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Introreception In`tro*re*cep"tion, n. The act of admitting into or within. --Hammond., Preception Pre*cep"tion, n. [L. praeceptio.] A precept. [R.] --Bp. Hall.

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- reception is a noun form of receiving, or to receive something, such as information, art, experience, or people. it is often used in the
- in american football , a reception is part of a play in which a forward pass from behind the line of scrimmage is received (caught) by a
- during the propagation and reception, the information contained in analog signals will inevitably be degraded by undesirable physical
- education in western australia, south australia or the northern territory is referred to respectively as pre-primary, reception or transition
- a wedding reception is a party held after the completion of a marriage ceremony. hence the name reception: the couple receives society,
- reception: euripides has aroused and continues to arouse strongly contrasting opinions of his work, for and against:' 'he was a problem to his
- the contemporary usage of the term , music journalism the oxford companion to music defines music criticism as 'the intellectual activity
- receptions: file:isaac oliver i - a party in the open air. allegory on conjugal love - google art project. jpg , a party in the open air by
- reception or primary 1 or fs2 (foundation second year) is the first year of primary school in the united kingdom (except scotland ) and
- the primary benefit of dsp hardware in shortwave receivers is the ability to tailor the bandwidth of the receiver to current reception

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