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- the historical state , the country that is part of the united kingdom , england date august 2011 date august 2013 conventional_long_name
- for imprenting within our realme of the bukis of our lawis, actis of parliament, croniclis, mess bukis, and portuus efter the use of our
- the act declared that 'whensoever and as often as it shall happen that his said majestie shall be absent or continue out of this realme of
- autoritie of the bischope of rome callit the paip vsit within this realme in tymes bipast hes bene verray hurtful and preiudiciall to our
- an acte for laws & justice to be ministred in wales in like fourme as it is in this realme (27 henry viii c. 26), was passed in 1536 in
- according to king henry viii , the cardinal protector 'indueth as it were our owne person, for the defence of us and our realme in al
- 1424: of pece to be kepit throu the realme. (c.2) 12mo ed: 1424 c.2 (repealed by the statute law revision (scotland) act 1906 (c.38), s.1 &
- it is a forum for new thinking and lobbying whichs aims as putting forward the core values of sport in society, in the realme of politics
- of this realme in the late tyme of banishement of goddes churche onelye to this ende, to enjoye more unchastised freedome of sensuall lyfe.
- befoir the privie counsall or ony vther ordinar magistrat within this realme at the optioun of the pairtie complenar and the penaltie to be

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