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Project Proj"ect (?; 277), n. [OF. project, F. projet, fr. L. projectus, p. p. of projicere to project; pro forward + jacere to throw. See Jet a shooting forth, and cf. Projet.] 1. The place from which a thing projects, or starts forth. [Obs.] --Holland. 2. That which is projected or designed; something intended or devised; a scheme; a design; a plan. Vented much policy, and projects deep. --Milton. Projects of happiness devised by human reason. --Rogers. He entered into the project with his customary ardor. --Prescott. 3. An idle scheme; an impracticable design; as, a man given to projects. Syn: Design; scheme; plan; purpose. Usage: Project, Design. A project is something of a practical nature thrown out for consideration as to its being done. A design is a project when matured and settled, as a thing to be accomplished. An ingenious man has many projects, but, if governed by sound sense, will be slow in forming them into designs. See also Scheme., Project Pro*ject", v. i. 1. To shoot forward; to extend beyond something else; to be prominent; to jut; as, the cornice projects; branches project from the tree. 2. To form a project; to scheme. [R.] --Fuller.

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- a project represents a planned undertaking that is intended to yield a very specific set of results through a documented and ordered set of
- comptia claims that project+ is a globally recognized project management certification that provides validation of fundamental project
- as well as standard user information, finger displays the contents of the .project and .plan files in the user's home directory .
- project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals.
- the manhattan project was a research and development project that produced the first atomic bomb s during world war ii . it was led by the
- project runway is an american reality television series on lifetime , previously on the bravo network , created by eli holzman which
- a project manager is a professional in the field of project management . project managers can have the responsibility of the planning,
- microsoft project is a project management software program, developed and sold by microsoft , which is designed to assist a project
- such as svenska bostäder were the major operators in housing projects as well as in projects aiming to acquire old and worn down buildings.
- the alan parsons project was a british progressive rock band, active between 1975 and 1990 consisting of eric woolfson and alan parsons

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