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- computer programming (often shortened to programming) is the comprehensive process that leads from an original formulation of a computing
- programming may refer to: broadcast programming , scheduling content for television. computer programming , the act of instructing computers
- a programming language is a formal language designed to communicate instructions to a machine , particularly a computer . programming
- programming is a form of music production and performance using electronic device in the 21st century, programming has been incorporated
- object-oriented programming (oop) is a programming paradigm that represents concepts as 'objects ' that have data fields (attributes that
- optimization or mathematical programming) is the selection of a best element (with regard to some criteria) from some set of available alternatives
- radio programming is the broadcast programming of a radio format or content that is organized for commercial broadcasting and public
- a programming paradigm is a fundamental style of computer programming , a way of building the structure and elements of computer programs
- broadcast programming or scheduling is the practice of organizing television or radio program s in a daily, weekly, or season-long
- a television program (television programme in the united kingdom ), also called television programming may be fictional (as in comedies

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