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- in mathematics , preconditioning is a procedure of an application of a transformation, called the preconditioner, that conditions a given
- in applied mathematics, symmetric successive overrelaxation (ssor is a preconditioner . d+l+l^t then ssor preconditioner matrix is defined as:
- if any of these assumptions on the preconditioner is violated, the behavior of the preconditioned conjugate gradient method may become
- the parallel high performance preconditioners (hypre) is a library of routines for parallel multigrid preconditioners for both structured
- in mathematics, neumann–neumann methods are domain decomposition preconditioner s named so because they solve a neumann problem on each
- in mathematics, the neumann–dirichlet method is a domain decomposition preconditioner which involves solving neumann boundary value
- incomplete cholesky factorization are often used as a preconditioner for algorithms like the conjugate gradient method . the cholesky
- the simplest version of feti with no preconditioner (or only a diagonal preconditioner) in the substructure is scalable with the number of
- bddc is used as a preconditioner to the conjugate gradient method . a specific version of bddc is characterized by the choice of coarse
- the construction of preconditioners is a large research area. history: probably the first iterative method for solving a linear system

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