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- the pomerium or pomoerium (latin , from post + moerium murum, 'wall'), was the sacred boundary of the city of rome . within the pomerium;
- the ager romanus originally included the urban space outside the pomerium and the surrounding countryside according to varro , the ager
- roma quadrata (latin , 'square rome') was an area, or perhaps a structure, within the original pomerium of the ancient city of rome .
- (traditional symbols of imperium and authority); when outside the pomerium , axes were added to the fasces to indicate an imperial
- they carried rods decorated with fasces and, outside the pomerium , with axes that symbolized the power to execute. dictatorial lictors
- fasces, the consul to twelve, the proconsul eleven, the praetor six (two within the pomerium ), the propraetor five, and the curule aediles two.
- reflected materially by the location of the temple of mars outside the pomerium and of the temple of quirinus inside it the annual
- meetings relating to foreign war were conducted in the templum bellonae (temple of bellona) on the collis capitolinus outside the pomerium .
- and violets to the 'shades of the dead' (manes or di manes) at family tombs, which were located outside rome's sacred boundary (pomerium ).
- and remus founded rome, they did so on the palatine hill according to etruscan ritual; that is, they began with a pomerium or sacred ditch.

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