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Parliament Par"lia*ment, n. [OE. parlement, F. parlement, fr. parler to speak; cf. LL. parlamentum, parliamentum. See Parley.] 1. A parleying; a discussion; a conference. [Obs.] But first they held their parliament. --Rom. of R. 2. A formal conference on public affairs; a general council; esp., an assembly of representatives of a nation or people having authority to make laws. They made request that it might be lawful for them to summon a parliament of Gauls. --Golding. 3. The assembly of the three estates of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, viz., the lords spiritual, lords temporal, and the representatives of the commons, sitting in the House of Lords and the House of Commons, constituting the legislature, when summoned by the royal authority to consult on the affairs of the nation, and to enact and repeal laws. Note: Thought the sovereign is a constituting branch of Parliament, the word is generally used to denote the three estates named above. 4. In France, before the Revolution of 1789, one of the several principal judicial courts. Parliament heel, the inclination of a ship when made to careen by shifting her cargo or ballast. Parliament hinge (Arch.), a hinge with so great a projection from the wall or frame as to allow a door or shutter to swing back flat against the wall. Long Parliament, Rump Parliament. See under Long, and Rump.

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- a parliament is a legislature whose function and power are similar to those dictated by the westminster system of the united kingdom.
- the parliament of the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland commonly known as the british parliament, westminster parliament
- the parliament of england was the legislature of the kingdom of england . in 1066, william of normandy introduced a feudal system, by
- the european parliament (abbreviated as europarl or the ep) is the directly elected parliamentary institution of the european union (eu
- a member of parliament (abbreviated mp) is the representative of the voters to a parliament . bicameral parliaments, this category
- the parliament of the republic of singapore and the president jointly make up the legislature of singapore . parliament is unicameral
- the scottish parliament. (pÓrlamaid na h-alba. scots : the scots pairlament is the devolved national, unicameral legislature of scotland ,
- the parliament of canada (parlement du canada) is the federal legislative branch of canada , seated at parliament hill in the national
- the hellenic parliament. (????? ??? ???????. parliament of the hellenes; transliterated vouli ton ellinon), is the parliament of greece ,
- the parliament of australia, also known as the commonwealth parliament or federal parliament, is the legislative branch of the government

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