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- in numerical linear algebra , the method of successive over-relaxation (sor) is a variant of the gauss–seidel method for solving a linear
- in applied mathematics, symmetric successive overrelaxation (ssor is a preconditioner . if the original matrix can be decomposed into
- successive over-relaxation method: let ? 1.1. using the splitting (14) of the matrix a in problem (10) for the successive over-relaxation
- gauss-seidel is the same as sor (successive over-relaxation) with \omega 1. convergence: the convergence properties of the gauss–seidel method
- the modeling strategy of relaxation should not be confused with iterative method s of relaxation , such as successive over-relaxation (sor
- successive over-relaxation , a numerical method used to speed up convergence. system of record , an information storage system. equality act
- the specific method used within simion to solve this equation is a finite difference method called over-relaxation. this technique is
- see, in particular, the successive over-relaxation (sor) and symmetric successive over-relaxation (ssor) methods. when david young first
- gibbs sampler with ordered overrelaxation : a gibbs sampler with ordered overrelaxation samples a given odd number of candidate values for x_
- examples of stationary iterative methods are the jacobi method , gauss–seidel method and the successive over-relaxation method .

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