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Overly O"ver*ly, a. 1. Careless; negligent; inattentive; superfical; not thorough. [Archaic] --Bp. Hall. 2. Excessive; too much. [R.] --Coleridge., Overly O"ver*ly, adv. In an overly manner. [Archaic]

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- overly fowler notes that some editors regard this as an americanism. the american source m-w's webster's dictionary of english usage,
- overly is a city in bottineau county in the u.s. state of north dakota . the population was 18 at the 2010 census history: overly was
- botch (disambiguation)botch. file:lesnarbotch. jpg , brock lesnar performing a botched shooting star press at the main event of wrestlemania
- overly dedicated (stylized o(verly) d(edicated) and often referred to as o.d.) is the fourth mixtape by american hip hop recording
- sannie overly (born 1966) is an american lawyer, engineer, and politician from the state of kentucky . overly is a member of the kentucky
- overly attached girlfriend, often abbreviated oag, is a fictional character and internet meme who first appeared in a youtube video
- a statute doing so is overly broad (hence, overbreadth) if, in proscribing unprotected speech, it also proscribes protected speech.
- the medical term , other uses , fatigue (disambiguation)fatigue muscle weakness exhausted , the alternative rock song , exhausted (song)
- lamar first began to gain major attention in 2010, after the release of his fourth mixtape overly dedicated . the next year, he released
- a nerd (adjective: nerdy) is a person, typically described as being overly intellectual, obsessive, or socially impaired. they may spend

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