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Dominican Do*min"i*can, n. (Eccl. Hist.) One of an order of mendicant monks founded by Dominic de Guzman, in 1215. A province of the order was established in England in 1221. The first foundation in the United States was made in 1807. The Master of the Sacred Palace at Rome is always a Dominican friar. The Dominicans are called also preaching friars, friars preachers, black friars (from their black cloak), brothers of St. Mary, and in France, Jacobins., Franciscan Fran*cis"can, a. [LL. Franciscus Francis: cf. F. franciscain.] (R. C. Ch.) Belonging to the Order of St. Francis of the Franciscans. Franciscan Brothers, pious laymen who devote themselves to useful works, such as manual labor schools, and other educational institutions; -- called also Brothers of the Third Order of St. Francis. Franciscan Nuns, nuns who follow the rule of t. Francis, esp. those of the Second Order of St. Francis, -- called also Poor Clares or Minoresses. Franciscan Tertiaries, the Third Order of St. Francis.

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- others may refer to: film : the others (2001 film), a 2001 film by alejandro amenábar, starring nicole kidman and christopher eccleston
- they are 'others' in real definition, but this is not in context with hegelian definition of 'others'. it is not always due to man's '
- a. n. other is used as a placeholder name or, less commonly, a pseudonym used by a person wishing to remain anonymous . written as an other.
- others may belong to or support a political party but believe they should not formally represent it and thus be subject to its policies.
- date november 2010 an exhibition game (also known as a demonstration, a friendly, a warmup match, a preparation match, or in some contexts a
- rivalries are rather lopsided and in both cases, a team's championships have predated to the other's first one in that particular location.
- some religions place an emphasis on belief, while others emphasize practice. while others consider the activities of the religious
- outfielder-pitcher clint hartung and utility men bill rigney , daryl spencer , bobby hofman and 1954 series hero dusty rhodes , among others.
- murderer date june 2011 this premeditated state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of unlawful homicide (such as manslaughter ).
- previously unknown passage linking the bedchambers of james and villiers others argue that the relationships were not sexual james's

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