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Orchestra Or"ches*tra, n. [L. orchestra, Gr. ?, orig., the place for the chorus of dancers, from ? to dance: cf. F. orchestre.] 1. The space in a theater between the stage and the audience; -- originally appropriated by the Greeks to the chorus and its evolutions, afterward by the Romans to persons of distinction, and by the moderns to a band of instrumental musicians. 2. The place in any public hall appropriated to a band of instrumental musicians. 3. (Mus.) (a) Loosely: A band of instrumental musicians performing in a theater, concert hall, or other place of public amusement. (b) Strictly: A band suitable for the performance of symphonies, overtures, etc., as well as for the accompaniment of operas, oratorios, cantatas, masses, and the like, or of vocal and instrumental solos. (c) A band composed, for the largest part, of players of the various viol instruments, many of each kind, together with a proper complement of wind instruments of wood and brass; -- as distinguished from a military or street band of players on wind instruments, and from an assemblage of solo players for the rendering of concerted pieces, such as septets, octets, and the like. 4. (Mus.) The instruments employed by a full band, collectively; as, an orchestra of forty stringed instruments, with proper complement of wind instruments.

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- an orchestra is a large instrumental ensemble that contains sections of string , brass , woodwind , and percussion instruments .
- the philadelphia orchestra is a symphony orchestra based in philadelphia , pennsylvania , in the united states. american orchestras, it was
- the bbc symphony orchestra (bbc so) is a british orchestra based in london. the first permanent salaried orchestra in london, and is the
- the london philharmonic orchestra (lpo), based in london , is one of the major orchestra s of the united kingdom . permanent, salaried orchestra.
- a string orchestra is an orchestra composed solely or primarily of instruments from the string family . these instruments are the violin
- larger orchestras are called symphony orchestras (see below) or philharmonic orchestras. a pops orchestra is an orchestra that mainly
- the count basie orchestra is a 16 to 18 piece big band , one of the most prominent jazz performing groups of the swing era , founded by the
- the terms jazz band, jazz ensemble, jazz orchestra, stage band, society band, and dance band may describe this type of ensemble in
- the glenn miller orchestra was originally formed in 1938 by glenn miller . it was arranged around a clarinet and tenor saxophone playing
- an orchestra pit is the area in a theater (usually located in a lowered area in front of the stage ) in which musicians perform.

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