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- opodiphthera is a genus of moths from the saturniidae family that are endemic to australia . opodiphthera makes up the majority of
- the emperor gum moth, opodiphthera eucalypti, is a species of moth in the family saturniidae , that is native to australia .
- the helena gum moth (opodiphthera helena) is a moth in the family saturniidae . it is found along the eastern coast of australia .
- opodiphthera astrophela (walker, 1855) opodiphthera carnea (sonthonnax, 1899) opodiphthera engaea (turner, 1922) opodiphthera eucalypti
- jpg , clutch of emperor gum moth (opodiphthera eucalypti) eggs depending on the moth, a single female may lay up to 200 eggs on a chosen
- german wasp (vespula germanica ), emperor gum moth (opodiphthera eucalypti ), assassin bug (harpactorinae ) , taxon insecta , authority
- opodiphthera carnea , a moth endemic to australia. orchis carnea , an orchid endemic to cape province. oreta carnea , a hook tip moth
- notable moths : emperor gum moth (opodiphthera eucalypti) polyphemus moth (antheraea polyphemus) bogong moth (agrotis infusa), known to have
- opodiphthera pararhodia perisomena (sometimes included in saturnia) rhodinia rinaca saturnia typical emperor moths. saturnia zuleika
- antheraea intermedia , a synonym for opodiphthera helena, the helena gum moth, a moth species found along the eastern coast of australia

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