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Muskrat Musk"rat`, n. 1. (Zo["o]l.) A North American aquatic fur-bearing rodent (Fiber zibethicus). It resembles a rat in color and having a long scaly tail, but the tail is compressed, the bind feet are webbed, and the ears are concealed in the fur. It has scent glands which secrete a substance having a strong odor of musk. Called also musquash, musk beaver, and ondatra.

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- the muskrat (ondatra zibethicus), the only species in genus ondatra and tribe ondatrini, is a medium-sized semiaquatic rodent native
- the ondatra class (ru: project 1176 akula) is a class of landing craft built for the soviet navy and russian navy between 1971 and
- echinochasmus schwartzi is a fluke that infects dog s (canis lupus familiaris), muskrat s (ondatra zibethicus), and marsh rice rat s
- myotis , napaeozapus , ochrotomys , ondatra , onychomys , parascalops , peromyscus , phenacomys , poliocitellus , sorex , synaptomys , thomomys
- however, kipling's mistaken use of the name 'musk rat' has led to confusion with the unrelated north american muskrat (ondatra zibethicus
- neovison vison , neurotrichus gibbsii , ochrotomys nuttalli , ondatra zibethicus , onychomys leucogaster , otospermophilus beecheyi ,
- listrophorus americanusmuskrat (ondatra zibethicus) listrophorus caudatus – round-tailed muskrat (neofiber alleni) listrophorus
- (ondatra zibethicus) and occasionally cottontail rabbit s (lepus sylvaticus even today, much remains unknown about tyzzer’s disease,
- others, such as ondatra , neofiber , and arvicola have evolved larger body sizes and are associated with an aquatic lifestyle.
- muskrat , ondatra zibethicus: image:ondatra zibethicus fws. jpg , muskrat distribution: maine, new hampshire, vermont, massachusetts,

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