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Often Of`ten, adv. [Compar. Oftener; superl. Oftenest.] [Formerly also ofte, fr. oft. See Oft., adv.] Frequently; many times; not seldom., Often Of"ten, a. Frequent; common; repeated. [R.] ``Thine often infirmities.' --1 Tim. v. 23. And weary thee with often welcomes. --Beau. & Fl.

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- the number n_i of times the event occurred in an experiment or study 12-19 these frequencies are often graphically represented in histogram s.
- limit 2 the following is a list of united states cities, towns, and unincorporated areas (census designated places ) in which a majority
- release early, release often (also: time-based releases, sometimes abbreviated rero) is a software development philosophy that emphasizes
- often an orphan is a 1949 cartoon in the merrie melodies series. it stars charlie dog and porky pig and is the last charlie dog short
- the sun is often out is the debut album by longpigs , released in 1996 on u2's record label, mother records . track listing: all songs
- i often dream of trains is the third album by robyn hitchcock , released in 1984. after the break-up of the soft boys , hitchcock recorded
- do you come here often? may refer to: ' 'do you come here often?' (song), by the tornados. do you come here often? (novel), by alexandra
- vote early and vote often is a generally tongue-in-cheek phrase used in relation to election s and the voting process. though rarely
- friendships often fade away is the debut album by american post punk band audio learning center . the album was released on april 6, 2002
- do you come here often? is a 1997 play written by sean foley and hamish mccoll of the two-person theatre company, the right size .

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