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October Oc*to"ber, n. [L., the eighth month of the primitive Roman year, which began in March, fr. octo eight: cf.F. Octobre. See Octave.] 1. The tenth month of the year, containing thirty-one days. 2. Ale or cider made in that month. The country gentlemen had a posset or drink they called October. --Emerson.

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- october. (audio en-us-october. ogg , ? , k , t , ? , o? , b , ?r ok , toh , b?r is the tenth month of the year in the julian and gregorian
- the october revolution. (???????????? ?????????? , r oktyabr'skaya revolyutsiya , p ?k?t?æbr?sk?j? r??v??l??ts?j?
- the yom kippur war, ramadan war, or october war. (????? ??? ???????? he , mil?emet yom hakipurim or ????? ??? ?????. he , mil?emet yom kipur;
- the united kingdom general election of october 1974 took place on 10 october 1974 to elect 635 members to the british house of commons
- october : october – nasa loses one of its probes, the mars climate orbiter . october 1 – pudong international airport opens in shanghai
- leader1 andrew bonar law , leader_since1 23 october 1922 , party1 conservative party (uk) , leaders_seat1 glasgow central , last_
- october: file:sydney opera house sails. jpg , october 20 : sydney opera house is opened by elizabeth ii october 6 yom kippur war begins:
- october : october 3 fidel castro announces that che guevara has resigned and left the country. u.s. president lyndon b. johnson signs an
- october : october 1 cartoon network is first broadcast on television. ross perot reenters the u.s. presidential election . october 2 – a
- october : october 3 arkansas governor bill clinton announces he will seek the 1992 democratic nomination for president of the united

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