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November No*vem"ber, n. [L. November, or Novembris (sc. mensis), the ninth month of the old Roman year, which began with March, fr. novem nine: cf. F. Novembre. See Nine.] The eleventh month of the year, containing thirty days.

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- november. (audio en-us-november. ogg , n , o? , ? , v , ? , m , b , ?r noh , vem , b?r is the eleventh month of the year in the julian and
- the november uprising (1830–31), polish–russian war 1830–31 also known as the cadet revolution, was an armed rebellion in the heartland of
- november : november 6 – australians defeat a referendum proposing the replacement of the queen and the governor general with a president to
- november : november 16 – sesame workshop (back then known as children's television workshop) launches elmo's world , the most famous sesame
- with opening of the berlin wall in november, and ending in december 1991 with the splintering of the union of soviet socialist republics .
- november : november 1 – a trolleybus plunges into the nile at cairo killing 74 passengers. november 2 republican john lindsay is elected
- november : november 1 – in the israeli election, likud wins 47 seats, labour wins 49, but likud prime minister yitzhak shamir remains in
- november: file:thatcher reviews troops. jpg , margaret thatcher , the uk's only female prime minister, resigns after 11 years. november 1 –
- november: file:vukovar-watertower-after-war. jpg , symbol of vukovar ; croatian war of independence november 4 -november 5 – in south africa
- november : november 3 – united states presidential election, 1992 : bill clinton is elected the 42nd president of the united states .

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