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Notable Not"a*ble, a. [F. notable, L. notabilis, fr. notare to mark, nota mark, note. See 5th Note.] 1. Capable of being noted; noticeable; plan; evident., Notable Not"a*ble, n. 1. A person, or thing, of distinction. 2. (French Hist.) One of a number of persons, before the revolution of 1789, chiefly of the higher orders, appointed by the king to constitute a representative body.

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- notable can refer to: the property of a thing having notability a notable is a member of the assembly of notables , an assembly called by
- american library association notable lists are announced each year in january by various divisions within the american library association
- date june 2008 conditions races are horse races where the weights carried by the runners are laid down by the conditions attached to the
- during its history, the united states has seen many families who have repeatedly produced notable politicians from their ranks, and these
- persons who are notable due to public responsibility, accomplishments, or, even, mere participation in the celebrity industry are said to
- notable citizens: file:afonso i de portugal. jpg , portugal's first monarch, afonso henriques , was buried in the monastery of santa cruz
- new digital divide, separating those who think they are notable from those granted the imprimatur of notability by a horde of anonymous geeks
- 1883 , poetry , literature nationality words link to articles with information on the nation's poetry or literature (for instance, irish or
- the assembly of notables was a group of notables invited by the king of france to consult on matters of state. history: of notables had met in
- the notable names database (nndb) is an online database of biographical details of over 40,000 people of note. nndb describes itself as

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