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Normal Nor"mal, n. [Cf. F. normale, ligne normale. See Normal, a.] 1. (Geom.) Any perpendicular. 2. (Geom.) A straight line or plane drawn from any point of a curve or surface so as to be perpendicular to the curve or surface at that point. Note: The term normal is also used to denote the distance along the normal line from the curve to the axis of abscissas or to the center of curvature., Fault Fault, n. 1. (Elec.) A defective point in an electric circuit due to a crossing of the parts of the conductor, or to contact with another conductor or the earth, or to a break in the circuit. 2. (Geol. & Mining) A dislocation caused by a slipping of rock masses along a plane of facture; also, the dislocated structure resulting from such slipping. Note: The surface along which the dislocated masses have moved is called the fault plane. When this plane is vertical, the fault is a vertical fault; when its inclination is such that the present relative position of the two masses could have been produced by the sliding down, along the fault plane, of the mass on its upper side, the fault is a normal, or gravity, fault. When the fault plane is so inclined that the mass on its upper side has moved up relatively, the fault is then called a reverse (or reversed), thrust, or overthrust, fault. If no vertical displacement has resulted, the fault is then called a horizontal fault. The linear extent of the dislocation measured on the fault plane and in the direction of movement is the displacement; the vertical displacement is the throw; the horizontal displacement is the heave. The direction of the line of intersection of the fault plane with a horizontal plane is the trend of the fault. A fault is a strike fault when its trend coincides approximately with the strike of associated strata (i.e., the line of intersection of the plane of the strata with a horizontal plane); it is a dip fault when its trend is at right angles to the strike; an oblique fault when its trend is oblique to the strike. Oblique faults and dip faults are sometimes called cross faults. A series of closely associated parallel faults are sometimes called step faults and sometimes distributive faults.

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- normal may refer to: people : english comedian henry normal psychology and social sciences : normality (behavior), conformance to an average
- normal! is a 2011 algerian drama film written and directed by merzak allouache it won the award for best film at the 2011 doha tribeca
- exp \ i\mu t - \frac 1 2\sigma^2 t^2 \ , fisher \begin pmatrix 1/\sigma^2&0\\0&1/(2\sigma^4)\end pmatrix , conjugate prior normal distribution
- normal is an incorporated town in mclean county , illinois , united states . 497 normal is the smaller of two principal municipalities of
- in geometry , a normal is an object such as a line or vector that is perpendicular to a given object. the normal line to a curve at a
- a normal school is a school created to train high school graduates to be teachers. its purpose is to establish teaching standards or norms
- in classical singing, its use is limited entirely to the lower part of the modal register or normal voice. within other forms of singing
- in abstract algebra , a normal subgroup is a subgroup which is invariant under conjugation by members of the group of which it is a part
- in topology and related branches of mathematics , a normal space is a topological space x that satisfies axiom t 4: every two disjoint
- a normal mode of an oscillating system is a pattern of motion in which all parts of the system move sinusoidal ly with the same frequency

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