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- see also : nicomachean ethics
- the nicomachean ethics. n , ? , ? , k , ? , m , , ? , k , i? , ? , n is the name normally given to aristotle 's best known work on ethics .
- his most important treatises include physics , metaphysics , nicomachean ethics , politics , de anima (on the soul) and poetics .
- in editing the final work it is commonly believed to have been written before the nicomachean ethics , though this is not without controversy
- as aristotle argues in book ii of the nicomachean ethics, the man who possesses character excellence does the right thing, at the right
- the end of the nicomachean ethics declared that the inquiry into ethics necessarily follows into politics, and the two works are
- ergon, concept from aristotle's nicomachean ethics that is most often translated as function, task, or work. ergon, inc., petroleum company
- in aristotelian ethics , for example in the nicomachean ethics , it is distinguished from other words for wisdom and intellectual virtue s
- the nicomachean ethics , the eudemian ethics , and virtues and vices . follow more closely the eudemian or the nicomachean version of the ethics.
- in his nicomachean ethics, (21; 1095a1522) aristotle says that everyone agrees that eudaimonia is the highest good for human beings, but

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