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Nearly Near"ly, adv. In a near manner; not remotely; closely; intimately; almost.

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- nearly (often stylised as nearly) is the solo musical project of former nine inch nails drummer, jerome dillon . dillon plays most of the
- image:anaerobic. png , aerobic and anaerobic bacteria can be identified by growing them in test tubes of thioglycollate broth : br / 1:
- series in nearly sixty years this was the last playoff game won by the cubs, 2013 , lc yes; they are 0–9 in postseason play since this game.
- bottle rocket s powered by black powder. file:launchbottle. jpg , water rocket launch a water rocket is a type of model rocket using water as
- nearly famous is a television drama mini-series about a group of british teenagers at a top london school of the performing arts.
- nearly human is a 1989 album by rock musician todd rundgren , released by warner bros. records . it was his first release in four years,
- nearly god is the second album by tricky , released on 29 april 1996. album name, recording history, collaborators : the album's title comes
- 'nearly lost you' is a 1992 single by grunge band screaming trees . perhaps their best-known song, it was a moderate success on modern
- in mathematics, a nearly kähler manifold is an almost hermitian manifold m, with almost complex structure j,such that the (2,1)-tensor \
- nearly departed is an american sitcom that aired on nbc on monday nights from april 10, 1989 to may 1, 1989 premise: the series focused on

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