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Name Name, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Named; p. pr. & vb. n. Naming.] [AS. namian. See Name, n.] 1. To give a distinctive name or appellation to; to entitle; to denominate; to style; to call. She named the child Ichabod. --1 Sam. iv. 21. Thus was the building left Ridiculous, and the work Confusion named. --Milton. 2. To mention by name; to utter or publish the name of; to refer to by distinctive title; to mention. None named thee but to praise. --Halleck. Old Yew, which graspest at the stones That name the underlying dead. --Tennyson. 3. To designate by name or specifically for any purpose; to nominate; to specify; to appoint; as, to name a day for the wedding. Whom late you have named for consul. --Shak. 4. (House of Commons) To designate (a member) by name, as the Speaker does by way of reprimand. Syn: To denominate; style; term; call; mention; specify; designate; nominate.

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- is a name that a person or group assumes for a particular purpose, which differs from his or her original or true name (orthonym

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