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Muslim Mus"lim, n. See Moslem.

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- a muslim, sometimes spelled moslem is an adherent of islam . the qur'an is the holy book of islam and muslims believe that it is the
- an adherent of islam is called a muslim . muslims believe that god is one and incomparable and the purpose of existence is to submit to
- the term muslim world (also known as the ummah or islamosphere) has several meanings. adhere to the teachings of islam , referred to as muslim s.
- american muslims come from various backgrounds, and are one of the most racially diverse religious groups in the united states according to
- the hui people (c ? ? , p huz, xiao'erjing : ???? ??? / ?????, dungan : ??????/huejzw) are a predominantly muslim ethnic group in
- integration of hindu and muslim cultures across india and the muslims have played a prominent role in india's economic rise and cultural influence.
- he is believed by muslim s and bah' s to be a messenger and prophet of god . muhammad is almost universally considered by muslims as
- the moors were the medieval muslim inhabitants of morocco , western algeria , western sahara , mauritania , the iberian peninsula ,
- and of the selective removal of non-muslim, particularly western military, economic, political, social, or cultural influences in the
- chinese muslims have been in china for the last 1,400 years of continuous interaction with chinese society muslims live in every region

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