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- moldova. audio en-us-moldova. ogg , m , ?? , l , ? , d officially the republic of moldova (moldovan. republica moldova re?publika mol?dova , pron
- moldovan and moldavian refer to something of, from, or related to moldova (a landlocked country in eastern europe ), or to the historical
- moldovan or moldovanu is a common surname in romania and moldova . it may refer to any of the following: people named moldovan
- moldovans or moldavians (in moldovan /romanian moldoveni moldo?ven? , pron; also written ????????? in the moldovan cyrillic script
- moldovan (also moldavian. ro , limba moldoveneasc? or ????? ???????????? in moldovan cyrillic ) is the official name of the romanian language
- viorel dinu moldovan (born 8 july 1972 in bistri?a ) is a retired romania n football forward , who was a key part of the romanian national
- the moldavian soviet socialist republic (moldovan /romanian : ????????? ???????? ?????????? ???????????? or republica sovietic? socialist?
- the moldovan orthodox church (canonical name: metropolis of chi?in?u and all moldova) is an autonomous church under the russian
- with a production of 124,200 ton s of wine (as of 2009), moldova has a well- in the 2006 russian ban of moldovan and georgian wines ,
- moldovan american is an american citizen who is descended from people from moldova or a moldovan naturalized in u.s. according to the 2000

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