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- moldova. audio en-us-moldova. ogg , m , ?? , l , ? , d , o? , v , ? officially the republic of moldova (moldovan. republica moldova re?publika
- the moldova national football team. (echipa na?ional? de fotbal a moldovei. represents moldova in association football and is controlled by
- moldovan (also moldavian. ro , limba moldoveneasc? or ????? ???????????? in moldovan cyrillic ) is the official name of the romanian language
- the football association of moldova (fmf. (federa?ia moldoveneasc? de fotbal. is the governing body of football in moldova . moldovan national
- the moldova river is a river in romania , in the historical region of moldavia . the river rises from the obcina feredeu mountains of
- the moldovan national division (divizia na?ional?) is the top division of association football in moldova . there are 12 teams in the
- the parliament of the republic of moldova (parlamentul republicii moldova) is a unicameral assembly with 101 seats. its members are
- the moldavian soviet socialist republic (moldovan /romanian : ????????? ???????? ?????????? ???????????? or republica sovietic? socialist?
- the president of the republic of moldova is the head of state of moldova . the current president of moldova is nicolae timofti , who
- moldavia (moldova mol?dova , pron) is a geographic and historical region and former principality in eastern europe , corresponding to the

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