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Modular Mod"u*lar, a. Of or pertaining to mode, modulation, module, or modius; as, modular arrangement; modular accent; modular measure.

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- accordingly, it is not sensible to characterize a firm as 'modular' or as 'not modular', because firms are always modular to a greater or
- in mathematics , modular arithmetic (sometimes called clock arithmetic) is a system of arithmetic for integer s, where numbers 'wrap
- modular programming is a software design technique that emphasizes separating the functionality of a program into independent,
- modular records is an australia n record label . it was established by sydney-based music promoter steve pavlovic as a joint-venture
- the ford modular engine is ford motor company 's overhead camshaft (ohc) v8 and v10 engine family, which has been produced in 4.6l, 5.0l
- in mathematics , a modular form is a (complex) analytic function on the upper half-plane satisfying a certain kind of functional equation
- modular buildings and modular homes are sectional prefabricated building s, or house s, that consist of multiple sections called modules. '
- modular connector is the name given to a family of electrical connector s originally used in telephone wiring and now used for many other
- the modular synthesizer is a type of synthesizer consisting of separate specialized modules. modules output voltages. the modules are not
- modular design, or 'modularity in design', is an approach that subdivides a system into smaller parts (modules or skids ) that can be

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