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Misfit Mis*fit", n. 1. The act or the state of fitting badly; as, a misfit in making a coat; a ludicrous misfit. 2. Something that fits badly, as a garment. I saw an uneasy change in Mr. Micawber, which sat tightly on him, as if his new duties were a misfit. --Dickens.

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- misfit may refer to: people. misfit (rapper), a rapper in the hip hop group rascalz. misfit (songwriter), a korean lyricist at s.m.
- misfits was the acronym for the minnesota society for interest in science fiction and fantasy. this organization has now changed its name
- 'misfit' was a single by indie /alternative rock band elefant . it is also a track on the band's debut album , sunlight makes me
- misfit (charlotte 'charlie' gage-radcliffe) is a fiction al character in the . wannabe batgirl , before taking on her own identity as misfit.
- 'misfit' is a science fiction short story by robert a. heinlein . it was originally titled cosmic construction corps before being
- 'misfit' is the second single from uk singer amy studt . released on 9 june 2003, the single reached a peak of 6 in the charts and is
- misfit (also known as miss pitt) is a south korea n songwriter , lyricist and artist. she is one of the studio artists at s.m.
- misfit is a fictional character in the marvel universe . publication history: misfit first appeared in west coast avengers 40 (january 1989
- the group consists of emcees red1 and misfit, and record producer dj kemo. breakdance rs, zebroc and dedos were also part of the group.
- misfits are an american band often recognized as the progenitors of the horror punk subgenre, blending punk rock and other musical

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