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Ministry Min"is*try, n.; pl. Ministries . [L. ministerium. See Minister, n., and cf. Mystery a trade.] 1. The act of ministering; ministration; service. ``With tender ministry.' --Thomson. 2. Hence: Agency; instrumentality. The ordinary ministry of second causes. --Atterbury. The wicked ministry of arms. --Dryden. 3. The office, duties, or functions of a minister, servant, or agent; ecclesiastical, executive, or ambassadorial function or profession. 4. The body of ministers of state; also, the clergy, as a body. 5. Administration; rule; term in power; as, the ministry of Pitt.

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- ministry may refer to: government : ministry (collective executive), the complete body of government ministers under the leadership of a
- ministry is an american industrial metal band founded by lead singer al jourgensen in 1981. ministry changed its style to industrial
- a ministry is a specialized organization responsible for a sector of government public administration , sometimes led by a minister or a
- in christianity , ministry is an activity carried out by christians to express or spread their faith , the prototype being the great
- an interior ministry (sometimes ministry of home affairs) is a government ministry typically responsible for policing , national security
- in the christian gospels , the ministry of jesus begins with his baptism in the countryside of roman judea and transjordan , near the
- ministry of sound london, commonly referred to as simply ministry of sound or mos, is a nightclub based in london , england and an
- in the united states the equivalent to the foreign ministry is called the department of state, and the equivalent position is known as the
- the israeli ministry of foreign affairs (???? ????, misrad hahutz; ????? ????????) is one of the most important ministries in the israeli
- a ministry (usually preceded by the definite article , i.e., the ministry) refers to a collective body of government minister s headed

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