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Melodics Me*lod"ics, n. The department of musical science which treats of the pitch of tones, and of the laws of melody.

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- melodies may also be described by their melodic motion or the pitches or the intervals between pitches (predominantly conjunct or
- melodic death metal (also referred to as melodeath) is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music that combines elements from the new wave
- melodic is a swedish daily internet publication devoted to music criticism and commentary, music news, and artist interviews.
- melodic hardcore (also known as melocore) is a subgenre of hardcore punk with a strong emphasis on melody in its guitar work.
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- the musical genre , the venom album , black metal (album)date april 2013 name black metal , color white , bgcolor bb0022 , stylistic_origins
- melodic minor scale: file:a melodic minor scale ascending and descending. png , play the distinctive sound of the harmonic minor scale is the
- melodic imitation is a term that covers various genres of non-classical music which are primarily characterised by the dominance of a
- melodic records is a british independent record label founded in 1999. based in manchester , england , the label has recently released
- also known as the 'melodic' or 'chromatic style', it was first developed and popularized independently by bobby thompson and bill keith

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