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Medium Me"di*um, a. Having a middle position or degree; mean; intermediate; medial; as, a horse of medium size; a decoction of medium strength.

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- medium may refer to. communication: media (disambiguation)communication. medium (communication), storage and/or transmission tools used to store
- mediumship, or channeling, is the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to purportedly mediate communication between spirits of the
- medium is - an american television drama series that premiered on nbc on january 3, 2005, ending its run on that network on june 1, 2009.
- seam deliveries can be bowled at any pace, but most specialist seamers bowl at medium, medium-fast or fast-medium pace. the basic
- a growth medium or culture medium is a liquid or gel designed to support the growth of microorganism s or cell s or small plant s like the
- medium wave (mw) is the part of the medium frequency (mf) radio band used mainly for am radio broadcasting . for europe the mw band
- seam bowling is generally classed as a subtype of fast bowling , although the bowling speeds at which seam can be a factor include medium-
- see shortwave for the differences between shortwave, medium wave and long wave spectra. used largely for national broadcasters,
- in astronomy , the interstellar medium (or ism) is the matter that exists in the space between the star system s in a galaxy .
- a transmission medium (plural transmission media) is a material substance (solid , liquid , gas , or plasma ) that can propagate energy

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