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Marginally Mar"gin*al*ly, adv. In the margin of a book.

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- marginal , marginality , marginally marginal may refer to: for marginal constituency in politics, see “marginal seat ” the manga, see marginal
- these terms are dubbed 'marginal' because they used to be found by summing values in a table along rows or columns, and writing the sum in
- in economics , marginal concepts are associated with a specific change in the quantity used of a good or service , as opposed to some
- as a general practice, discouraged workers, who are often classified as marginally attached to the labor force, on the margins of the labor
- u5: u4 + other 'marginally attached workers', or 'loosely attached workers', or those who 'would like' and are able to work, but have not
- taiwanese braille is the braille script used on taiwan for taiwanese mandarin (guoyu although based marginally on international braille
- mersea island is the most easterly inhabited island in the united kingdom located marginally off the coast of essex , england , 9 , mi ,
- in the theory of dynamical systems , and control theory , a continuous linear time-invariant system is marginally stable if and only if
- the four languages are at best marginally mutually intelligible: eastern pwo , western pwo , northern pwo , phrae pwo . the people who speak
- the oklahoma commission on marginally producing oil and gas well, commonly known as the oklahoma marginal wells commission, is an agency

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