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- maragheh (persian /azerbaijani :?????, mara?a) also romanize d as mar?gheh and mar?gha is a city in and the capital of maragheh county ,
- maraga (mara?a, or maragha) is a village in the tartar rayon of azerbaijan . maraga was the scene of a massacre of ethnic armenians by
- the residents of maraga who stayed in karabakh have rebuilt another village on the ruins of another village in nagorno-karabakh, not far
- omm ol balabil (?? ????????, also romanize d as omm ol bal?b?l; also known as maraga, ommé balabil, and umm ul bal?b?l is a village in veys
- the ahmadilis(???????), also called by the title atabegs of maragha (at?bak?n-e mar??a(??????? ?????), were a family of local rulers (under
- external links: info/maraga/maraga-eng/survivors-maraghar. htm survivors of maraghar massacre: it was truly like a contemporary golgotha many
- maraga massacre , 1992 , april 10 maraga , 40-100 , armenians , armenians killed, many decapitated; bodies were buried in a mass grave
- the following year, an additional tobacco plantation was founded in jomba , and another in 1893 in maraga . in that year, 108,600 pounds
- score1-2 6 3 , rd1-score1-3 , rd1-seed2  , rd1-team2 aus brendan mckenzie aus nat maraga , rd1-score2-1 7 7 , rd1-score2-2 7 7 , rd1-score2-3 ,
- it has seven dialects or linguistic areas covering parata, vahitu, maraga, fagatau, tapuhoe, napuka and mihiro. it is a polynesian language

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