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- manifestation may refer to: manifestation of god , the prophets of the bahá'í faith. avatar , manifestation of god in hinduism. manifestation,
- the manifestation of god is a concept in the bahá'í faith that refers to what are commonly called prophet s. the manifestations of god
- vishnu for vaishnavites ), and is mostly translated into english as 'incarnation ', but more accurately as 'appearance' or 'manifestation
- is the presence or manifestation of god which has descended to 'dwell' among humanity. the term never appears in the hebrew bible ; later
- by someone other than the patient), whereas a symptom is merely any manifestation of a condition that is apparent to the patient (i.e.,
- the son of god, servetus asserted, is not an eternally existing being, but rather the more abstract logos (a manifestation of the one true
- manifestation is a compilation album by malevolent creation released in 2000. track listing : cd 1: title1 in cold blood , length1 5:33 ,
- ectoplasm (disambiguation)ectoplasm. image_name helen duncan fake ectoplasm. jpg , image_caption helen duncan was well known for using dolls
- manifestationcompilation (pavement music, 2000) the best of malevolent creation (roadrunner, 2003) retrospective (crash music, 2005)
- apparitional , the 2013 film , apparitional (film in psychology and parapsychology , an apparitional experience is an anomalous, quasi-

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