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- article 15 begins with, 'the kinges highness hath ordered,' article 16 with, 'the kinges majestie' and article 17 with, 'the kinges grace.'
- thy majestie is an italian power metal band that formed in 1999. their music is typically cinematic, epic, symphonic, progressive and
- the 'royal portrait'), the pourtrature of his sacred majestie in his solitudes and sufferings, was a purported spiritual autobiography
- the group was founded in 1982 by countertenor richard childress as his majestie's clerkes in 1990, his majestie's clerkes was awarded
- and beinge so spoyled and robed two seaveralle times with our majestie subjectes, and havinge by them had suche a greatte lose upon my
- the act declared that 'whensoever and as often as it shall happen that his said majestie shall be absent or continue out of this realme of
- poets wrote his own nursery rhymes, advising him on royal behaviour. william stewart in his princelie majestie counselled against ice-skating:
- jeanne d'arc is a concept album by italian symphonic power metal act thy majestie . released in 2005 on scarlet records the album is
- thomas, andrea, princelie majestie, the court of james v, john donald (2005) category:16th-century scottish people category:scottish
- to his sacred majestie, and to the parliament now assembled is a pamphlet published in london , 1661 (see 1661 in literature ), by john

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