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Magically Mag"ic*al*ly, adv. In a magical manner; by magic, or as if by magic.

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- magica may refer to: magica (album) (2000), by heavy metal band dio. magica (band), a romanian power metal band. magica de spell , fictional
- magica is the eighth studio album by the american heavy metal band dio . it is a concept album and it was released on march 21, 2000,
- magica is a romania n power metal band. history: magica started in february 2002 as a project of bogdan costea, guitarist (at that time) of
- a manga adaptation of the series and three spin-off manga series, puella magi kazumi magica: the innocent malice, puella magi oriko magica
- ars magica is a role-playing game set in a quasi-historical version of europe around ad 1200 with added fantastical elements, called
- la caja mágica ('the magic box''), also known as the manzanares park tennis center, is a sports structure located at the park manzanares,
- magica de spell is a fictional character of the scrooge mcduck universe , a sorceress created by carl barks . she constantly steals or
- caixa mágica (english: 'magic box') is a portuguese linux distribution based on debian and maintained by caixa mágica software.
- luna mágica (spanish for 'magic moon') is the ring name of maria de los angeles aranda ramirez (born october 20, 1937 in ciudad madero ,
- in rental magica, paranormal abilities and acts by. 'spell power' , ?? , juryoku are defined as 'magic'. celtic magic: the magic used by a druid

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