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Level Lev"el, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Leveled (-[e^]ld) or Levelled; p. pr. & vb. n. Leveling or Levelling.] 1. To make level; to make horizontal; to bring to the condition of a level line or surface; hence, to make flat or even; as, to level a road, a walk, or a garden. 2. To bring to a lower level; to overthrow; to topple down; to reduce to a flat surface; to lower. And their proud structures level with the ground. --Sandys. He levels mountains and he raises plains. --Dryden. 3. To bring to a horizontal position, as a gun; hence, to point in taking aim; to aim; to direct. Bertram de Gordon, standing on the castle wall, leveled a quarrel out of a crossbow. --Stow. 4. Figuratively, to bring to a common level or plane, in respect of rank, condition, character, privilege, etc.; as, to level all the ranks and conditions of men. 5. To adjust or adapt to a certain level; as, to level remarks to the capacity of children. For all his mind on honor fixed is, To which he levels all his purposes. --Spenser., Level Lev"el, v. i. 1. To be level; to be on a level with, or on an equality with, something; hence, to accord; to agree; to suit. [Obs.] With such accommodation and besort As levels with her breeding. --Shak. 2. To aim a gun, spear, etc., horizontally; hence, to aim or point a weapon in direct line with the mark; fig., to direct the eye, mind, or effort, directly to an object. The foeman may with as great aim level at the edge of a penknife. --Shak. The glory of God and the good of his church . . . ought to be the mark whereat we also level. --Hooker. She leveled at our purposes. --Shak.

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- level or levels or levelling may refer to: places : levél , gy?r-moson-sopron, hungary. level, ohio , united states. level valley levels, west
- level is a computer and video games magazine originating in the czech republic with branches in romania and turkey . these three
- levél (kaltenstein) is a village in gy?r-moson-sopron county, hungary . geography: levél is in the north-west of hungary , close to the m1
- mean sea level (msl) is a datum representing the average height of the ocean 's surface (such as the halfway point between the mean high
- minor league baseball is a hierarchy of professional baseball leagues in the americas that compete at levels below major league baseball
- a level, map, area, stage, world, rack, board, or zone in a video game is the total space available to the player during the course of
- alternatively, games keep the amount of experience points per level constant, but progressively lower the experience gained for the same
- the system has a hierarchical format with promotion and relegation between leagues at different levels, allowing even the smallest club
- a storey (british english , canadian english ) or story (american english ) is any level part of a building that could be used by people
- the term is commonly used for the energy levels of electron s in atom s or molecule s, which are bound by the electric field of the

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