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Leader Lead"er, n. 1. One who, or that which, leads or conducts; a guide; a conductor. Especially: (a) One who goes first. (b) One having authority to direct; a chief; a commander. (c) (Mus.) A performer who leads a band or choir in music; also, in an orchestra, the principal violinist; the one who plays at the head of the first violins. (d) (Naut.) A block of hard wood pierced with suitable holes for leading ropes in their proper places. (e) (Mach.) The principal wheel in any kind of machinery. [Obs. or R.] --G. Francis. (f) A horse placed in advance of others; one of the forward pair of horses. He forgot to pull in his leaders, and they gallop away with him at times. --Hare. (g) A pipe for conducting rain water from a roof to a cistern or to the ground; a conductor. (h) (Fishing) A net for leading fish into a pound, weir, etc.; also, a line of gut, to which the snell of a fly hook is attached. (i) (Mining) A branch or small vein, not important in itself, but indicating the proximity of a better one. 2. The first, or the principal, editorial article in a newspaper; a leading or main editorial article. 3. (Print.) (a) A type having a dot or short row of dots upon its face. (b) pl. a row of dots, periods, or hyphens, used in tables of contents, etc., to lead the eye across a space to the right word or number. Syn: chief; chieftain; commander. See Chief.

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- considering the criticisms of the trait theory outlined above, several researchers have begun to adopt a different perspective of leader
- down the lane turn to their father for help destroying sector v. their leader is turned into an adult, the treehouse is destroyed, and their
- in november 1990, margaret thatcher was defeated as leader of the conservative party and was succeeded as leader and prime minister by
- the pope (papa; from ?????? pappas a child's word for father is the bishop of rome and the leader of the worldwide catholic church the
- party leaders and whips of the united states house of representatives are elected by their respective parties in a closed-door caucus by
- it is currently in opposition at federal level with bill shorten as the party's federal parliamentary leader. in the state and territory
- 20 april 1889 30 april 1945) was an austrian -born german politician and the leader of the nazi party. (nationalsozialistische deutsche
- the senate majority and minority leaders are two united states senator s who are elected by the party caucus es that hold the majority and
- clergy are some of the formal leaders within certain religion s. the roles and functions of clergy vary in different religious traditions
- the lead vocalist may also play one or more instruments, and is usually the 'leader' of their group, often the spokesman in interviews and

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