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- the largest organisms found on earth can be determined according to various aspects of organism size, such as: mass, volume, area, length
- 0.76 , the largest country in oceania , the largest country without land borders, and the largest country wholly in the southern hemisphere .
- the manufacturer , the song , mercedes benz (song)small yes date november 2012 name mercedes-benz , logo mercedes-benz three point star.
- 'apogee', 'aphelion', 'perigee' and 'perihelion' redirect here. for the literary journal, see perigee: publication for the arts .
- islam is the second-largest religion in india , making up 14.4% of the country's population with about 176 million adherents.
- list of largest lakes in norway list of deepest lakes in norway akershus : bjørkelangen bogstadvannet dælivannet engervannet hallangen
- date october 2011 the barelwi and deobandi movements, the two largest islamic movements in south asia, are both hanafi. overview
- this list of largest buildings in the world ranks building s from around the world by footprint on the ground, usable space (volume ) and
- islam is the world's second largest religion according to english sources yet to be verified after christianity . according to a 2010
- the following is a list of canada's largest enclosed shopping malls, ranked by reported total retail floor space, or gross leasable area

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