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Landing Land"ing, a. Of, pertaining to or used for, setting, bringing, or going, on shore. Landing charges, charges or fees paid on goods unloaded from a vessel. Landing net, a small, bag-shaped net, used in fishing to take the fish from the water after being hooked. Landing stage, a floating platform attached at one end to a wharf in such a manner as to rise and fall with the tide, and thus facilitate passage between the wharf and a vessel lying beside the stage. Landing waiter, a customhouse officer who oversees the landing of goods, etc., from vessels; a landwaiter., Landing Land"ing, n. 1. A going or bringing on shore. 2. A place for landing, as from a ship, a carriage. etc. 3. (Arch.) The level part of a staircase, at the top of a flight of stairs, or connecting one flight with another. Landing place. me as Landing, n., 2 and 3., Halfpace Half"pace`, n. (Arch.) A platform of a staircase where the stair turns back in exactly the reverse direction of the lower flight. See Quarterpace. Note: This term and quartepace are rare or unknown in the United States, platform or landing being used instead.

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- landing is the last part of a flight , where a flying animal , aircraft , or spacecraft returns to the ground. 'landing,' 'touchdown' or '
- the undercarriage or landing gear in aviation —landing gear in spaceflight —is the structure that supports an aircraft or space vehicle -
- file:moon landing sites. svg , thumb , right , 450px , clickable imagemap of the locations of all successful soft landings on the moon to
- an instrument landing system (ils) is a ground-based instrument approach system that provides precision guidance to an aircraft
- since the gallipoli campaign specialised watercraft were increasingly designed for landing troops, materiel and vehicles, including by
- nasa preferred space shuttle landings to be at kennedy space center if weather conditions made landing there unfavorable, the shuttle
- (excludes float plane landings in normal water landing areas such water landings are extremely rare for commercial passenger airlines.
- which supported the command module with propulsion, electrical power, oxygen, and water; and a lunar module (lm) for landing on the moon.
- the allied invasion of italy was the allied landing on mainland italy on 3 september 1943, by general harold alexander 's 15th army group
- the landing at anzac cove was part of the amphibious invasion of the gallipoli peninsula by predominantly australian and new zealand

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