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- korean may refer to. people and culture : koreans , an ethnic group originating in the korean peninsula. korean cuisine , a national cuisine
- korea, known as hanguk in south korean and chos?n in north korean -, is an east asia n territory that is divided into two distinct
- korean (ko , ??? /??? , see below ) is the official language of south korea and north korea as well as one of the two official languages
- the korean war (25 june 1950 27 july 1953 hostilities and of all acts of armed force in korea until a final peaceful settlement is achieved
- archaeology indicates that the korean peninsula was occupied by the lower paleolithic period (2.6 ma 300 ka korean history begins with
- a small section of the tumen river also forms north korea's short border with russia to the northeast the korean demilitarized zone
- the korean people are an ethnic group originating in the korean peninsula and manchuria etymology: names of korea. (korean : ko , ???; hanja
- korean americans (korean : ko , ??? ???, hanja : ko , ??????, hangukgye migukin) are americans of korean descent, mostly from south korea
- korean cuisine as a national cuisine known today has evolved through centuries of social and political change. manchuria and the korean
- the korean alphabet, also known as hangul or chosongul (officially transcribed han-geul in south korea and chos?n'g?l in north korea is

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