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- korea. (k , ? , ? , r , i: , ? k? , ree , ? asia n territory that is divided into two distinct sovereign state s, north korea and south korea .
- south korea. (en-us-south korea. ogg , listen , help no officially the republic of korea (????; hanja : ko , ????; daehan minguk
- north korea. (en-us-north korea. ogg , listen , help no officially the democratic people's republic of korea (dprk; chos?n'g?l
- tucano (also tukana, tucana, tukano, dasea, tariana, tariano, koneá, koreá, patsoka, wahyara; autonym : dahseyé) is a tucanoan language
- the korean war (25 june 1950 – 27 july 1953 hostilities and of all acts of armed force in korea until a final peaceful settlement is achieved
- korea under japanese rule was the culmination of a process that began with the japan–korea treaty of 1876 , whereby a complex coalition of
- korean (ko , ??? /??? , see below ) is the official language of south korea and north korea as well as one of the two official languages
- the three kingdoms of korea. (hangul ???? , hanja ???? refer to the ancient korea n kingdoms of goguryeo , baekje and silla , which
- joseon (??; hanja : ??; also chos?n, choson, chosun, cho-sen), was a korea n state founded by taejo yi seong-gye that lasted for
- k-pop (an abbreviation of korean pop; ?? kayo is a musical genre originating in south korea that is characterized by a wide variety of

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