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King King, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Kinged; p. pr. & vb. n. Kinging). ] To supply with a king; to make a king of; to raise to royalty. [R.] --Shak. Those traitorous captains of Israel who kinged themselves by slaying their masters and reigning in their stead. --South., Stockinger Stock"ing*er, n. A stocking weaver., Unstockinged Un*stock"inged, a. 1. [Pref. un- not + stocking.] Destitute of stockings. --Sir W. Scott. 2. [1st pref. un- + stocking.] Deprived of stockings.

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- king richard normally refers to the three english monarchs. it also has additional meanings: english monarchs : richard i of england or
- michael kinge: one fabrication involved the 1989 murders of the harris family of dryden, new york . in their home, warren and dolores harris
- thompson kinge (appointed 2005) the hospital has seen some major improvements. in july 2008, nigerian consul to the north west and south
- the long title of the act is 'an acte that noe person going wth the kinge to the warres shalbe attaynt of treason the act states that a
- kinge, commanding the german barque jupiter on a voyage between newcastle, new south wales and tahiti , reported having passed breakers
- and of carryage and cartage dayly, and what with the kinge's great subsydye yerely, and with the said trybute, and blak-rent to the
- the kinge then prayed him to bestowe it on him, where unto hee replyed that, in regard hee had built it for the good of his soule, it
- stationers' register on 20 october 1597 as 'a booke intituled, the tragedie of kinge richard the third w th the death of the duke of clarence'.:
- 'a booke called master william shakespeare his historye of kinge lear, as yt was played before the kinges maiestie at whitehall vppon
- soyrbrehagh og folain, in an indenture for john kinge in may 1606, is described as 'soyrbrehagh og folain of ierconnaght in the co.

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