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- mohammad khatami. ??? ???? ?????, sej?jed mohæm?mæde x??tæ?mi? , pron born 29 september 1943) is an iranian scholar, shia theologian, and
- ali khatami (born 1953) is the younger brother of former iranian president , mohammed khatami , and served as his chief of staff during his
- mahmoud khatami(persian: ????? ?????) is an iranian philosopher . he is best known for developing 'ontetic philosophy .' life
- ahmad khatami is a senior iran ian ayatollah as well as a senior member of the assembly of experts in december 2005, ali khamenei
- mohammad-reza khatami ( ???? ??? ????? , (born 1959) is an iranian politician and nephrologist . early life and education: khatami was born
- khatami is an iranian surname. notable people with the surname include: mohammad khatami (born 1943), iranian reformist president, former
- mohammad khatami was elected as the president of iran in 1997 after having based his campaign on a reform program promising implementation
- ruhollah khatami (1903 or 1904 - 29 october 1988) was a senior iran ian cleric in the city of yazd in july 1982, he was appointed as prayer
- government of mohamamd khatami was the 7th and 8th government of iran after the iranian revolution . at that time, mohammad khatami was
- ahmad khatami ( ???? ?????) (born 1956, shahr-e ray , iran) is a professor of persian language and literature and a lecturer in the

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