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Julian Jul"ian (?; 277) a. [L. Julianus, fr. Julius. Cf. July, Gillian.] Relating to, or derived from, Julius C[ae]sar. Julian calendar, the calendar as adjusted by Julius C[ae]sar, in which the year was made to consist of 365 days, each fourth year having 366 days. Julian epoch, the epoch of the commencement of the Julian calendar, or 46 b. c. Julian period, a chronological period of 7,980 years, combining the solar, lunar, and indiction cycles (28 x 19 x 15 = 7,980), being reckoned from the year 4713 B. C., when the first years of these several cycles would coincide, so that if any year of the period be divided by 28, 19, or 15, the remainder will be the year of the corresponding cycle. The Julian period was proposed by Scaliger, to remove or avoid ambiguities in chronological dates, and was so named because composed of Julian years. Julian year, the year of 365 days, 6 hours, adopted in the Julian calendar, and in use until superseded by the Gregorian year, as established in the reformed or Gregorian calendar.

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- julian is a common male given name in albania , austria , australia , the united kingdom , the united states , ireland , germany , poland
- julián is the spanish equivalent of the name julian saint julian in church names and place names: las ventas de san julián , municipality
- julian. (flavius claudius julianus augustus, ??????? ???????? ????????? ?????????
- the julian calendar was a reform of the roman calendar introduced by julius caesar in 46 bc (708 auc ). it took effect in 45 bc (709
- julian day refers to a continuous count of days since the beginning of the julian period used primarily by astronomers . the julian day
- john charles julian lennon (born 8 april 1963) is a british musician. he is the only child of john lennon and cynthia powell (his
- julian is a census-designated place (cdp) in san diego county , california , in the united states . as of the 2010 census , the
- the académie julian (akademi ?ylj??) was an art school in paris, france. image:bashkirtseff - in the studio. by académie julian student
- sir julian sorell huxley frs (22 june 1887 – 14 february 1975) was an english evolutionary biologist , eugenicist , and internationalist
- julian linus crane is a fictional character on the american soap opera passions . throughout the show's nine-year run, julian is

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