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- jeanne may be: tropical storm jeanne (disambiguation) jeanne (given name) jeanne (crater) on venus. people: joan of arc (jeanne d'arc)
- hurricane jeanne was the deadliest hurricane in the 2004 atlantic hurricane season . it was the tenth named storm , the seventh hurricane
- jeanne d'albret (16 november 1528 – 9 june 1572), also known as jeanne iii or joan iii, was the queen regnant of navarre from 1555 to
- at the outset of jeanne d'arc's appearance, the english had nearly achieved their goal of a dual monarchy under english control and the
- jeanne hébuterne (6 april 1898 – 25 january 1920) was a french artist, best known as the frequent subject and common-law wife of the
- joan i (also known as jeanne i and juana i) (14 january 1273 – 31 march/2 april 1305 the daughter of king henry i of navarre and blanche
- jeanne de bar, suo jure countess of marle and soissons, dame d'oisy, viscountess of meaux, and countess of saint-pol, of brienne, de
- jeanne hoban (3 august 1924 gillingham, kent - 18 april 1997 sri lanka ), known after her marriage as jeanne moonesinghe, was a british
- hurricane jeanne was a moderate hurricane that formed and dissipated in the gulf of mexico without making landfall. jeanne developed over
- the name jeanne was used for three tropical cyclone s in the atlantic ocean . 1980's hurricane jeanne - a rare november hurricane in the

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