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Japanese Jap`a*nese", a. Of or pertaining to Japan, or its inhabitants., Japanese Jap`a*nese", n. sing. & pl. 1. A native or inhabitant of Japan; collectively, the people of Japan. 2. sing. The language of the people of Japan.

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- japanese may refer to: something from or related to japan , an island country in east asia. japanese language , spoken mainly in japan
- japan japanese society is linguistically and culturally homogeneous composed of 98.5% ethnic japanese with small populations of foreign
- during the heian period (7941185), chinese had a considerable influence on the vocabulary and phonology of old japanese . late middle
- are an ethnic group native to japan japanese make up 98.5% of the total population worldwide, approximately 130 million people are of
- after several large-scale military successes during the second sino-japanese war (19371945) and the pacific war , the empire of japan
- the imperial japanese navy (ijn) (unicode , ky?jitai : ja , ??????? shinjitai ja , ??????? ja-dai-nippon_teikoku_kaigun. ogg , dai-nippon
- are american people of japanese heritage . japanese americans have historically been among the three largest asian american communities
- the imperial japanese army (ija) (ky?jitai : ???????, shinjitai : ja , ???????, romaji : dai-nippon teikoku rikugun) literally 'army of the
- japanese poetry is poetry of or typical of japan , or written, spoken, or chanted in the japanese language , which includes old japanese
- the second sino-japanese war (july 7, 1937 september 9, 1945), called so after the first sino-japanese war of 189495, was a military

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