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January Jan"u*a*ry, n. [L. Januarius, fr. Janus an old Latin deity, the god of the sun and the year, to whom the month of January was sacred; cf. janua a door, Skr. y[=a] to go.] The first month of the year, containing thirty-one days. Note: Before the adoption of New Style, the commencement of the year was usually reckoned from March 25.

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- january. (audio en-us-january. ogg , ? , d? , æ , n , ju? , ? , ??r , i , jan , ew , air , ee is the first month of the year in the julian
- the united kingdom general election of january 1910 was held from 15 january to 10 february 1910. the government called the election in
- the january uprising (polish : powstanie styczniowe, lithuanian : 1863 m. sukilimas, belarusian : ????????? 1863-1864 ?????) was an
- january : january 2 – russia begins to circulate new ruble s to stem inflation and promote confidence. january 4 – wilaya of relizane
- january: file:leaning tower of pisa. jpg , january 7 : the pisa tower closed. january 1 poland becomes the first country in eastern europe
- events january : january 1 – king fahd of saudi arabia temporarily gives power to crown prince abdullah , his legal successor, due to
- january : january 2 – prime minister ranasinghe premadasa takes office as the third president of sri lanka january 4 – gulf of sidra
- january : january 1 - czechoslovakia becomes the second eastern europe an country to abandon its command economy . january 1 - the first
- january : january 1 boutros boutros-ghali of egypt replaces javier pérez de cuéllar of peru as united nations secretary-general .
- january : january 1 dissolution of czechoslovakia :czech republic and the slovakia separate in the so-called velvet divorce .

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