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- italy. audio en-us-italy. ogg , ? , ? , t , ? , l , i (italia i?ta?lja officially the italian republic (repubblica italiana is a unitary
- i.t.a.l.y. is a romantic comedy starring jolina magdangal , dennis trillo and rufa mae quinto , produced and distributed by gma films .
- the kingdom of italy (regno d'italia) was a state founded in 1861 when king victor emmanuel ii of sardinia was proclaimed king of italy .
- the italian national football team (nazionale italiana di calcio), represents italy in association football and is controlled by the
- italian. (it-italiano. ogg , italiano or lingua italiana) is a romance language spoken mainly in europe: italy , switzerland , san marino ,
- the italy national rugby union team represent the nation of italy in the sport of rugby union . the team is also known as the azzurri
- italians (italiani) are a nation and ethnic group native to italy who share a common italian culture , ancestry and speak the italian
- italian americans (italoamericani) are the americans of italian ancestry. italian americans are the fourth largest european ethnic group
- is a city and special comune (named 'roma capitale') in italy . rome is the capital of italy and also of the homonymous province and of
- the cinema of italy comprises the films made within italy , or by italian directors. since the development of the italian film industry in

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