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Invariant In*va"ri*ant, n. (Math.) An invariable quantity; specifically, a function of the coefficients of one or more forms, which remains unaltered, when these undergo suitable linear transformations. --J. J. Sylvester.

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- invariant and invariance may have several meanings, among which are. computer science : invariant (computer science), an expression whose value
- in mathematics , an invariant is a property of a class of mathematical objects that remains unchanged when transformations of a certain
- invariant theory is a branch of abstract algebra dealing with actions of groups on algebraic varieties from the point of view of their
- in mathematics and theoretical physics , an invariant is a property of a system which remains unchanged under some transformation .
- in the mathematical field of knot theory , a knot invariant is a quantity (in a broad sense) defined for each knot which is the same for
- in computer science , an invariant is a condition that can be relied upon to be true during execution of a program, or during some portion
- in mathematics , an invariant subspace of a linear mapping : t : v ? v. contained in w. an invariant subspace of t is also said to be t invariant.
- in computer programming , specifically object-oriented programming , a class invariant is an invariant used to constrain objects of a
- in mathematics , an invariant measure is a measure that is preserved by some function . ergodic theory is the study of invariant measures
- in dynamical systems , a branch of mathematics , an invariant manifold is a topological manifold that is invariant under the action of the

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