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Introduction In`tro*duc"tion, n. [L. introductio: cf. F. introduction. See Introduce.] 1. The act of introducing, or bringing to notice. 2. The act of formally making persons known to each other; a presentation or making known of one person to another by name; as, the introduction of one stranger to another. 3. That part of a book or discourse which introduces or leads the way to the main subject, or part; preliminary; matter; preface; proem; exordium. 4. A formal and elaborate preliminary treatise; specifically, a treatise introductory to other treatises, or to a course of study; a guide; as, an introduction to English literature.

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- introduction, the introduction, intro, or the intro may refer to: introduction (music), an opening section of a piece of music
- an introduced, alien, exotic, non-indigenous, or non-native species, or simply an introduction, is a species living outside its native
- in music , the introduction is a passage or section which opens a movement or a separate piece . in popular music this is often
- multiple successive introductions of different non-native species can have interactive effects; the introduction of a second non-native
- ln an essay , article , or book , an introduction (also known as a prolegomenon) is a beginning section which states the purpose and goals
- introduction: introduction (music. the introduction section is optional, or may be reduced to a minimum. if it is extended, it is, in general
- feature 2920 , title now pay attention, 007: introduction and casino royale '54 , publisher efilmcritic. com , accessdate 30 september 2011
- pop songs may have an introduction and coda ('tag'), but these elements are not essential to the identity of most songs. pop songs often
- introduction is a ceremony in the house of lords whereby new members are 'introduced' to the existing membership. introductions in the
- information essential to the main text is generally placed in a set of explanatory notes, or perhaps in an introduction , rather than in

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